Pre-event Survey

We are undertaking this survey to understand whether you experience any changes to your health and wellbeing as a result of participating in Stepathlon. Your answers to this survey, along with a similar survey that you will be asked to complete at the end of the event, will be used to measure and evaluate any changes that you have experienced.

The survey should take about 5 minutes to complete and is a necessary step to entering the Stepathlon Course Site for the first time. It is important that any answers you give are honest and considered. All information that is collected, as part of this survey, will be anonymous and treated confidentially; your individual answers will not be disclosed by Stepathlon to anyone.

* fields are Mandatory

  • 1

    * How would you rate your level of fitness?

  • 2

    * How many steps do you estimate you take everyday?

  • 3

    * How many days per week do you exercise?

  • 4

    * Do you use the stairs whenever possible?

  • 5

    * For how long do you exercise on each day that you do exercise?

  • 6

    * Do you prefer to exercise with a partner/ a group?

  • 7

    * Are you active with your family?

  • 8

    * How many hours per day (on average) do you spend sitting?

  • 9

    * Do you take short breaks at work to get up and walk around?

  • 10

    * How would you rate your quality of sleep?

  • 11

    * How would you rate your stress levels?

  • 12

    * How would you rate your energy levels?

  • 13

    * How would you rate your levels of engagement at work? Engagement means your involvement with, commitment to, and satisfaction with your work.

  • 14

    * How would you rate your productivity at work?

  • 15

    * How would you rate your level of team work within your work group?

  • 16

    * How would you rate your satisfaction with your job?

  • 17

    * How many days have you been ill in the last 3 months? (Input Number)

  • 18

    * What is your current weight in Kgs? (Input Number)

  • 19

    * If you smoke, how many cigarettes do you smoke per day? (If you are a non-smoker, please click 0)

Nutrition Questions

  • 20

    * How many serves of fruit do you eat each day? A serve is half cup of fruit.

  • 21

    * How many serves of vegetables do you eat each day? A serve is half cup of vegetables.

  • 22

    * How many glasses of water do you drink per day?

  • 23

    * How many meals per week do you eat out/order “take out” food?

  • 24

    * How would you categorize the portion size of your meals?

  • 25

    * What fats/oils do you use for cooking?

    Canola Sunflower Peanut
    Olive Ghee Butter Other

  • 26

    * How many days per week do you consume desserts/sweets?

  • 27

    * Do you consume regular “between meal” snacks?

  • 28

    * Do you keep healthy snacks at work?

  • 29

    * What health food products do you consume regularly? You can pick more than one

    Healthy Cooking Oils
    None from the list

  • 30

    * How many meals do you eat in a day including snacks?

  • 31

    * How many cups of caffeine (coffee, tea – excluding herbal tea, cola) do you drink per day?

  • 32

    * How many alcoholic drinks do you consume each week?

  • 33

    * Have you ever heard of the brand Britannia Nutrichoice ?

  • 34

    * Have you ever tried any product from Britannia NutriChoice?